Project#47 by Joost Rekveld starts from the assumption that human perception is malleable to a large extent, and that new ways of perception will influence the relation between man and environment. How would it be to have the electric senses of sharks, or to continually feel where the north is ? Would that make us behave differently?

For #47, Rekveld developed several wearable devices that function as extra sensory organs and did experiments that were inspired by the sonar of bats, the eyes of some crustaceans that can see polarised light and the electrostatic senses in the skin of fish. On three locations, Museum De Lakenhal, the Hortus Botanicus and the Museum of Etnology, he will present three different stereoscopic video’s. These are visualisations of the kinds of spatial perception Rekveld had through the electric senses he built.

Joost Rekveld’s work mainly consists of abstract films, for instance about the fragmentation of time in the medium film, about the spatiality resulting from the propagation of light or about the idea that crystals are an organised form of matter, halfway the mineral and the living. During his research period at Utopisch Nest, he focused on new ways to make our environment accessible to human senses; in a world in which humans are becoming more and more man-made, it makes perfect sense to Rekveld to investigate the potential of designing our senses.
Take the tour independently from Saturday March 29 until Sunday April 13, between 11:00 and 17:00 (daily, closed on Monday, Sunday open from 12h to 17h).
The walk itself takes approximately 45 minutes.
Subscribe via info@utopischnest.nl
Starting point: Museum De Lakenhal, Oude Singel 28-32, Leiden. You will receive instructions and a map.

Other dates of walk in company of Joost Rekveld:
Sat March 29, Sun April 6, Wed 9 and Sun April 13 at 15:00
The walk will take approximately 1.5 hours.
More information about the project: www.joostrekveld.net

Utopisch Nest and project #47 is made possible with the help of Hortus Botanicus, Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde, Mondriaan Fonds, Museum de Lakenhal, Veenfabriek, Utopisch Nest.